Accessible Home Door Systems in Durham, NC

Orthopedic Service Company (OSC) is a leader in accessible home door systems in Durham, NC. We are all too familiar with the types of challenges faced by people with physical disabilities, and we are here to help give you more freedom of mobility.

Accessible home door systems use automatic door openers at entrances/exits. This not only helps those who have a physical handicap; it also helps caregivers and family members who may live in your home, visit your home or help to take care of someone who has a physical disability.

At OSC, all of our accessible home door systems comply requirements set forth by the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA). We encourage you to speak to one of our professional experts about the various options we have available to help with your unique mobility situation.

Choose an Accessible Home Door System for Your Durham Home

There’s a reason why more customers choose OSC for their accessible home door systems in Durham, NC. At OSC, we possess not only the knowledge but the equipment and tools necessary to properly and safely install our automatic door system in your Durham home.

Let us visit your home to get a better idea of the types of doors you have and the space that we’ll be working with. From there, we can do a better job helping you choose a door system that is best suited for your residence. Finally, you’ll be able to enter and exit your home independently and with peace of mind knowing that you have one of the most reliable and safest door systems available.

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Call today to speak to one of our professional team members about the types of options we offer for accessible home door systems for your Durham residence. We look forward to speaking with you!