Orthopedic Service Company: Home Modification Guide

If you are facing medical conditions, have had an accident, or are in any other situation that alters your capacity of mobility, your home may no longer be a safe space. If so, you may be faced with deciding whether to change houses or alter your current home to make it safer and more adjusted to your needs. This home modifications guide is designed to assist the alteration of your home and help you understand that this option is important for your emotional wellbeing and a more cost effective solution.

Aging in Place Safely with Home Modifications

According to a 2006 study conducted by the American Association of Retired Persons, 89% of respondents preferred to stay at home for as long as possible.

In order to make that possible, home modifications are adaptations to a living space so that its occupants can live safely, better perform everyday tasks and continue with their independent lives despite any physical limitations.

Keeping Home Modifications Simple

A home modification can be as simple as adding a grab bar in the shower or rearranging certain spaces of the house. It can also involve more logistic alterations and investments to install assistive devices and aids, such as a wheelchair lift for the staircase.

This home modification guide will guide you through the process of rearranging your home in a way that allows you to stay in it as long as you want and on your own terms. Created by our team of mobility experts, it contains useful information about ways to help you get around your space and make informed decisions about assistive equipment.

Each situation that calls for home modifications and the installment of home medical equipment is a challenge of its own and requires a different approach. This guide offers home care product options designed to make the lives of both the patient and their families and caregivers easier and more enjoyable.

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