Inside Vehicle Lifts

Here at Orthopedic Service Company, we offer just about every type of auto lift and van lift you can imagine. Among these are our inside vehicle lifts.

These lifts are unique in that they’re mounted inside your vehicle. They use a special hoist mechanism to lift your mobility device into the vehicle. And, while many people prefer these types of lifts, they will only work on vehicles that have adequate cargo space since the cargo area is where the lift will be installed and where it will perform its job.

A World of Choice

We know that every vehicle and every mobility device is different, which is why we offer a wide range of inside lifts vehicle owners of all types can use and enjoy.

In fact, we have twelve different types of inside lifts for you to choose from. Each lift varies in terms of its weight capacity, its overall weight, how it operates, and in its features and cost.

While all of this choice is empowering, we understand that it can also be a bit overwhelming, especially if you don’t know exactly what you’re looking for and what will satisfy your need. That’s why we invite you to work closely with us to find your perfect inside lift.

Contact us Today

If you can answer a few simple questions about your needs, your mobility device, your vehicle, and your budget, we can easily match you with an inside lift that’s just right for you. Feel free to browse our lifts online or in person or, even better yet, to give us a call and let us walk you through the process.