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C-450 Fixed Ceiling Lift

Delivering innovation, reliability, along with superior comfort and safety, the C-450 Fixed Ceiling Lift addresses many of the issues that make patient transfer complex or difficult. The C-450 has been designed with a full set of standard features that can be safely and easily operated by a single caregiver.

Built for a quiet operation, the C-450 provides a smooth and effortless transfer that safely enhances the working conditions of patients/residents and caregivers. With its 450 lbs. weight capacity, this lift meets the needs of even the most demanding clinical environments.

Encompassing waterproof pneumatic controls that are complimented by on-board controls, a digital display (LCD), auto shut-off, and numerous safety features including emergency power lowering, the C-450’s innovative features explain why the C-450 is among the most advanced ceiling lifts available.

The C-450 is available with manual or power traversing.

Product Highlights

  • • Smallest lift of its class
  • • At least 7" (18 cm) of additional lifting height
  • • Quick lifting speed
  • • Simple maintenance
  • • Easy to charge batteries
  • • Audible low battery indicator
  • • Visual battery/charge level display
  • • Digital display indicates number of lifts, battery levels, and lift status.
  • • Auto shut-off
  • • 7.5′ (2.2 m) foot strap vertical movement allows easily lifts from the floor
  • • Emergency stop and emergency power lowering on lift
  • • Emergency manual raising or lowering
  • • Available with Return to Charge option

C-800 Bariatric Ceiling Lift

A bariatric person’s size and immobility-related complications present a unique challenge for caregivers. Each patient’s needs vary considerably dependent on factors such as body size, weight, level of mobility and immediate medical condition. Handicare’s (formerly Prism Medical) C-800 Bariatric Ceiling Lift is designed to achieve a safe work environment that aids in increasing overall safety and mobility.

This unique ceiling lift guarantees a smooth and effortless transfer, while lifting up to a maximum of 800 lbs (364 kg). For further convenience, the C-800 is available in both, a manual and power version. Additional features include a pneumatic hand control, power indicator on the charging module, end stop charger that in enclosed on the track, and an adjustable horizontal speed that can accommodate for four different preset settings.

Product Highlights

  • • A fixed ceiling lift capable of lifting 800 lbs.
  • • Weighs approximately 24 lbs.
  • • Housed in a small package that has all mechanical and electrical functions as our existing fixed lifts
  • • Reliable and built to withstand the activity of an institutional environment
  • • Available in Manual and Power versions
  • • Smaller and lighter than the previous model TA Plus 800 lbs. lift
  • • Compatible with tracks, accessories, turntables, gates and weigh scales

P-440 Portable Ceiling Lift

Unique and innovative, the stylish P-440 Portable Ceiling Lift stretches the boundaries of portable ceiling lifts. The advantages that stem from using a ceiling lift are undeniable and have dramatically reduced the amount of injuries resulting from the handling of patients/residents in both, institutional, and home care settings.

The P-440 has been designed with a full set of standard features that can be safely operated by a single caregiver. Designed to be lightweight and portable, the P-440 is easy to hold and is capable of lifting up to 440 lbs. Additionally, the P-440 offers a wide range of safety mechanisms to assure further confidence throughout handling.

Product Highlights

  • • Lightweight and portable
  • • Integral full-width carry bar with unique contoured shape
  • • On-board controls
  • • Pneumatic hand control included
  • • Charged with a standard plug & socket
  • • Safety mechanisms: over-speed governor, built-in safety limits, slack strap sensor, and emergency lowering
  • • Positive locking latches
  • • Comfortable and ergonomic handle
  • • Handle provides a connection point to allow for room to room transfers