The installment of a ceiling lift helps both patients and caregivers by providing an ergonomic and safe solution that eliminates the need for any manual lifting in order to reduce the risks of injury and allowing for quick and safe transfers.

The ceiling lift Handicare (formerly Prism Medical) C450 Fixed is an incredibly compact and powerful transfer device, hosting a myriad of safety and innovative features along with its  modular design, allows for easy preventative maintenance.

As the smallest lift of its class, it provides a quick lifting speed that reduces patient transfer times and provides at least 7” of additional lifting height.

At Orthopedic Service Company, we proudly work alongside one of the most trustworthy and respected brands in the market of mobility to provide greater solutions to facilitate the lives of both patients and their caregivers.

Small but powerful, a ceiling lift to bring you comfort and security

Do not be fooled by its size. The ceiling lift Handicare C450 Fixed holds a capacity of up to 450 lbs, can be operated by a single caregiver and provides a smooth, quiet transfer for even the most difficult situations.

Due to its multiple features, the C450 can handle even the most demanding clinical environments because of its carefully engineered design that comes with waterproof pneumatic on-board controls, a digital display indicating number of lifts, battery levels and lift status, and emergency power lowering.

With easy to charge batteries, simple maintenance, emergency stop and power lowering on lift, facilitate the lives of caregivers. And its 7,5 ft foot strap vertical movement allows for easy lifts from the floor.

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