For patients with mobility impairments and their caregivers, transferring from one place to another can be a complex task. However, thanks to a solution, such as the ceiling lift Prism Medical P440 Portable, this process is made much easier and safer to reduce the risk of injury for everyone involved and eliminate the need for manual lifting.

As a lightweight and portable device, the P440 is designed to put total control in the hands of the caregiver, providing easy and comfortable patient transfers and offering a wide range of safety features everyone will appreciate.

At Orthopedic Service Company, we proudly work alongside one of the leading brands in the field of mobility to offer our customers a top quality lifting solution.

Compact design for easy transportability

Caregivers will appreciate how easy it is to use the ceiling lift Prism Medical P440 Portable is. Combining a lightweight and compact design that does not sacrifice durability, it’s meant to facilitate its transfer from one room or rehabilitation setting to another.

Weighing less than 11 pounds, it is able to lift and transport patients weighing up to 440 lbs, while maximizing their comfort due to a full-width carry bar with an unique contoured shape. On-board controls make the caregivers job much easier, allowing transfers to and from lower beds with most ceiling heights thanks to its 80” length.

A slack tape sensor, positive locking latches that secure the sling, built-in load limits, and emergency lowering make safety a priority while using the lift, allowing caregivers to control its top speed at all times.

Room-to-room transfers are much smoother due to its handle doubling as a connection point, making it unnecessary to recur to costly home modifications.

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