Accessible Roll In Showers In Cary NC

Slippery surfaces highly increase the danger risks for elderly people and those facing mobility issues.  With the help of bathroom aides, such as an accessible roll in shower, guarantee greater safety and privacy.

Orthopedic Service Company offers the highest quality available in accessible roll in showers to customers in Cary, NC. As a lightweight and easy to install solution, these products guarantee an immediate improvement in customer´s quality of life by providing security and comfort in the bathroom.

Making bath time safe for everyone

Orthopedic Service Company works in alliance with the best brands in the market in order to offer top quality accessible roll in showers. Residents in Cary, NC can acquire our products from our complete store and distinguished customer service.

The Roll-in Buddy is a lightweight, easy to install and handle, accessible roll in shower. This product is capable of holding one of the largest weight capacities available in the today’s market, ensured with the support necessary to keep you or your loved one and their caregivers as safe as can be.

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Many years of experience in the field and with thousands of satisfied loyal customers, our services make us one of the top mobility providers in the state of North Carolina.

When looking to acquire an accessible roll in shower in Cary, NC, customers can enjoy a free in-home evaluation and assessment. This includes installation services and the assistance of our mobility experts, who provide user guidance in order to make sure it is understood how to precisely use the equipment.

Contact Orthopedic Service Company today and connect with one of our mobility specialists in order to ensure your needs are met with our equipment at hand.