Acorn Stairlifts In Chapel Hill, NC

At Orthopedic Service Company we pride ourselves in working with only the best brands and manufacturers in the market of mobility, providing top class products that bring greater independence to the everyday lives of our customers. In this aspect, we are proud to add Acorn stairlifts to our catalogue, a top leading UK brand providing the world’s most innovative stairlift. 

Thanks to our widespread reach throughout the state of North Carolina, OSC brings Acorn to Chapel Hill, NC residents who want to stay at home when their stairs have become an obstacle. By purchasing and installing Acorn’s pioneering stairlifts, clients can continue to enjoy their freedom of mobility.  

Engineering Excellence For Greater Independence

Known as the world’s most innovative stairlift, Acorn stairlifts are designed with the top engineering available, being independently tested and certified in order to comply with the ADA and Worldwide standards for stairlifts. 

Orthopedic Service Company brings Acorn to Chapel Hill, NC in order to provide its customers with a stairlift that fits quickly and easily to their stairs instead of the wall, requiring no structural changes made to the home and offering an affordable and reliable service with low running costs. 

Customers installing Acorn stairlifts will be able to enjoy the comfort and mobility aid of a stairlift that allows them to retain full use of every level of their home. Its slim design allows for it to be easily folded and put away when not in use, creating great comfort and convenience. It also provides an optional hinge rail designed to avoid trips and other hazards.  

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For people to whom their stairs have now become a challenge, the installment of Acorn stairlifts in their Chapel Hill, NC homes allows them to maintain their routine and home life without losing their independence, providing a smooth and comfortable lift with an easy and quick installation. 

Offering straight, curved and outdoor stairlifts, Acorn can prove to be precisely the solution you are looking for. 

Contact us today or visit any of our showrooms in order to talk to a mobility specialist and find the right stairlift to fit your needs.