Acorn Stairlifts In Durham, NC

At Orthopedic Service Company we’ve working alongside only the best manufacturers and brands in the mobility business to bring our customers in North Carolina nothing but top quality as they regain their independence and are able to enjoy a greater quality of life. For this reason, we are proud to bring Acorn stairlifts to our Durham, NC customers, providing them with one of the most innovative products in the field. 

When stairs have become an obstacle, Acorn stairlifts top engineering and design can help people with mobility issues remain at home without the need of massive structural changes, helping them regain their independence and make full use of every area of their house comfortably and safely. 

Top Engineering And Design For Your Home

For someone facing mobility issues, the stairs of their home can not only be a challenge, but an actual hazard. In this scenario, the installment of a stairlift can prove to be the solution they need in order to continue enjoying the comfort of their home and eliminating the obstacles in front of them. 

At Orthopedic Service Company we are proud to bring the solutions provided by Acorn to Durham, NC residents. Its versatile line of outdoor, curved, and straight stairlifts can prove to be the solution they’re in need of. 

The reason these stairlifts are one of the best in the market is due to the fact that they’re easy and quick to install, demanding no structural changes as it fits to the stairs instead of the wall. As an affordable and reliable solution that is independently tested and certified to fit both ADA and worldwide stairlift standards, Acorn products come with low running costs and a slim design. Its ability to fold away easily when not in use and its optional hinge rail designed to avoid tripping and other hazards make it a safe choice for anyone. 

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