ADA Certified Bathtub Modifications for the Elderly Cary, NC

When it comes to finding and selecting ADA certified bathtub modifications Cary, NC residents are not alone. They can easily find help, support, and great modifications from the friendly professionals here at Orthopedic Service Company.

We can not only help you choose an excellent ADA certified bathtub, but we can also scope out your entire bathroom to determine its accessibility and where it could use some help in being more accessible. We’re also happy to talk with you about the many benefits of an ADA certified bathtub and/or bathtub modifications to help you make the right choice for you and your home.

No Thresholds

In Cary NC ADA certified bathtub modifications can take many forms. However, one of the most important modifications for any bathtub that will be used by the elderly or those with mobility issues is a non-existent threshold.

Having to step over even the smallest threshold to enter or exit a bathtub can prove difficult and dangerous for elderly individuals who are prone to serious slips and falls.

That’s why a good ADA bathtub will simply have doors that people can enter through without having to take any steps up or down. 

Compatibility with Mobility Devices

Even with a specially designed elderly bathtub installed, some individuals may still need or want to use assistive devices, such as a bathing chair or a rolling support device, in the bathroom.

If this applies to your loved one or might in the future, be sure to install a bathtub that is compatible and easy to use with various assistive devices.

We’re always happy to let you know if a particular bathtub would work with such devices, and we even have assistive devices available for purchase.

Non-Skid Flooring

Any quality elderly bathtub should feature non-skid, non-slip flooring for the safety of your loved one. After all, slips and falls in the wet bathroom environment are all too common. Thus, you should do everything you can to prevent them.

In fact, ideally, this specialty flooring won’t just be in the tub itself but in the entire bathing area, if not the bathroom as a whole.

We can assess your bathtub and bathroom flooring to let you know if it’s truly non-slip or if further bathtub modifications need to be made.

Contact Us Today

As you can see, an ADA certified bathtub has the potential to offer many excellent benefits to your home.

However, to ensure you have or choose the right bathtub, be sure to contact us as soon as possible.

We’ll ensure you get everything you want and deserve out of the process!