ADA Certified Bathtub Modifications for the Elderly Raleigh, NC

ADA Certified Bathtub Modifications for the Elderly Raleigh, NC

If you share your home with an elderly person or with someone who has mobility impairments, it’s important to take steps to make your home as safe and accessible as possible. This is especially important in the bathroom, where a lot of accidents typically occur.

Thankfully, when it comes to ADA certified bathtub modifications Raleigh, NC residents can count on the expertise of Orthopedic Service Company. We are proud to offer free in-home assessments to help you determine how safe your bathroom is. We also offer great modifications to increase bathtub, shower, and overall bathroom safety.

Grab Bars

One of the simplest and most effective Raleigh, NC ADA certified bathtub modifications is to install grab bars.

These simple bars can be very helpful for elderly people who struggle with balance and stability when entering and exiting the tub or while bathing. The wet, slippery conditions in the bathing area can make it all too easy to take a tumble, which can have dire consequences for elderly people.

Good grab bars installed at appropriate locations within the bathtub area, however, can provide seniors with a way to safely and carefully balance and hoist themselves as needed.

These bars are much stronger and safer than towel bars, which are not designed to support a lot of weight.

We pride ourselves on offering strong, secure, and attractive grab bars to enhance both the safety and beauty of your bathing area.

Walk-in Bathtubs

If simple bathtub modifications aren’t enough to make your senior feel secure, you could install a specially designed elderly bathtub.

The most common option is a walk-in bathtub. These bathtubs feature doors that allow the senior to enter and exit without having to worry about tripping or stepping over a high ledge. 

Installing one of these tubs is an investment and we can help to assess your bathroom. Our assessment can help you to determine if a walk-in bathtub is right for you and, if so, how much you can expect to spend and the type of bathtub you will need.

Shelves and Storage

Any elderly bathtub should also provide an easy-to-access place for seniors to store their toiletries. The goal is for your elderly loved one to not have to bend, stretch, or move a lot to access their items.

An easy solution is to install shelves or other storage areas at a low level for easy access. While shower caddies can be a nice temporary fix, a much better option is to have permanent tub modifications installed.

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As you can see, a lot can be done to make your bathtub more accessible.

To learn more about these and other bathroom modifications, we invite you to contact us today!