ADA Certified Grab Bars for Bathrooms in Cary, NC

The fold down seat helps the disabled and handicap use the shower easier with access at the height of a wheelchair. The adjustable shower handle allows multiple heights for use. The wall handles help with accessibility.When it comes to choosing an ADA certified grab bar, Cary, NC residents often find themselves overwhelmed with all of the choices at their disposal. However, lucky for them, that’s where we step in!

Here at Orthopedic Service Company, we pride ourselves on providing a diverse range of grab bars, all designed to help the elderly or those with mobility impairments to enjoy greater safety and security in their homes.

Not only do we offer great grab bars for use in the bathroom and beyond, but we also offer in-home assessments, installation, and instruction on how to use your grab bar to ensure maximum safety and satisfaction every step of the way.

Do You Really Need Grab Bars?

In Cary, NC, ADA certified grab bar options can be pricey, which often leaves people wondering whether they really need them in the first place.

To start with, know that these grab bars don’t have to be expensive, at least not if you shop with us. We offer many different options to choose from, allowing most users to find something that fits into their budget.

Furthermore, quality grab bars really are a necessity for many people. If your loved ones struggle with mobility, balance, or just need support, having grab bars is incredibly important for their safety, especially in the wet and slippery environment of the bathroom.

Don’t Skimp on Quality

Once you decide you do need a bathroom grab bar, be careful about where you purchase it. Your loved one’s safety and well being could depend on it!

A flimsy, poor-quality grab bar could lead to a serious accident, especially if you buy one that isn’t ADA approved or that doesn’t come from an experienced company like ours.

We are proud to offer strong, heavy-duty grab bars with clearly-defined weight capacities. We also place importance on educating our buyers on the products they are purchasing to ensure maximum safety and effectiveness.

Chances are that you do need a grab bar, but don’t just get one from anywhere. Buy from us, and buy with confidence.

Give the Gift of Independence

Remember that, to you, a toilet grab bar or a shower grab bar may just be a mobility accessory, but to your loved one, it could mean independence and freedom.

Imagine not being able to shower, bathe, or even go to the bathroom on your own without worry or fear. Sounds pretty rough, right?

Often, when you install a grab bar, you also instill a greater sense of pride and self-reliance in your loved one. For many people, a grab bar can mean the difference between needing to be watched carefully in the bathroom and being able to get things done all on their own or at least with minimal assistance or supervision. Isn’t that a gift worth giving to someone you care about?

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Whether you want a bathtub grab bar, a variety of bathroom grab bars, or you’re even considering adding grab bars beyond the bathroom, we can help! Just reach out to us today to learn more!