ADA Certified Grab Bars for Bathrooms in Durham, NC

ADA Certified Grab Bars for Bathrooms in Durham, NC

When you think of your bathroom, you probably think of it as a comfortable, familiar place. It may be somewhere where you take long, hot baths or showers or where you go for a few minutes of solitude. 

However, for people with disabilities, mobility issues, or who are elderly, the bathroom can be a dangerous place. After all, it’s a wet, slippery environment, where falls and tumbles are likely to happen. And, for older people or those who struggle with disabilities, even the smallest fall could prove serious.

Thankfully, though, there is a solution: installing a grab bar. These simple bars allow for gripping and stability in the bathroom. And, when it comes to choosing an ADA certified grab bar, Durham, NC residents can work with the pros here at Orthopedic Service Company to find the perfect solution.

Maintain Balance

In Durham, NC ADA certified grab bar options are plentiful, especially when you shop here at Orthopedic Service Company.

Our main goal isn’t to provide you with the fanciest or most expensive grab bar. Instead, it’s to provide you with one that can do its most important job: enabling the user to maintain his or her balance in the bathroom.

The whole point of grab bars is to have a stabilizing spot to hold onto and grip as needed. And, we ensure the grab bars we offer are strong and sturdy enough to support the user in question. We’ll even provide instruction on how to use it properly and ensure everyone is aware of the weight capacities of the grab bar or bars installed.

Choose Your Placement

Did you know that a bathroom grab bar can be installed just about anywhere you want? Whether you need a toilet grab bar, a bathtub grab bar, or a shower grab bar, we’ve got you covered! 

In fact, many of our users choose to have their grab bars installed in all of these locations. That way, no matter where a person goes in the bathroom, they can feel safe.

Enjoy Customization

Not only can you choose exactly where your grab bar or bars go, but you can also choose from a wide variety of different grab bar styles and looks.

We understand that, as much as you want your bathroom to be functional and accessible, you also want it to be attractive too! That’s why we pride ourselves on offering grab bars that not only work well, but look great too.

Contact Us Today

Want to further explore your grab bar options? If so, contact us today! We’ll happily talk to you about your choices, answer your questions, and, when you’re ready, get you started down the path toward having your grab bar or bars installed in your Durham, NC home.