ADA Certified Grab Bars for Bathrooms in Raleigh, NC

A grab bar is exactly what it sounds like! It’s a strong, sturdy bar that allows people, especially those who are elderly or who have mobility impairments, to easily grip and gain stability. These grab bars can be installed anywhere, but they are most commonly found in wet or slippery environments, such as the bathroom.

When it comes to choosing an ADA certified grab bar, Raleigh, NC residents don’t have to go it alone. Instead, they can turn to the pros here at Orthopedic Service Company. Not only do we offer high-quality, durable grab bars, but we also help you decide where to place them and offer knowledgeable support and advice every step of the way.

Get Dressed with Ease

In Raleigh, NC ADA certified grab bar options are abundant, especially when you shop with us! And, furthermore, their advantages are abundant too. They can help with even the simplest but most important things, like getting dressed.

For people who are elderly or who have disabilities, injuries, or mobility impairments, getting dressed can often be a hassle—not to mention potentially dangerous. With a grab bar to hold onto, however, it becomes a lot easier and safer.

With a grab bar in the bathroom, these individuals can increase their independence and regain privacy and dignity. The installation of a simple bar can allow them to do something most of us take for granted—to get dressed and undressed without worry, fear, or needing help from others.

Get Dry

A bathroom grab bar can also be useful for drying off after a shower or bath. Think about it—people dry off in a wet and slippery environment, which can easily lead to slips and falls. 

With a grab bar to hold onto throughout the process, though, it becomes a whole lot safer. Stop worrying about your loved ones or listening outside the door as they emerge from the shower or tub. Feel confident that they’ll be safe and protected during these vulnerable moments just by the simple installation of a grab bar or bars in the right places.

Get Up and Down

While grab bars can be placed anywhere in a bathroom, a toilet grab bar is often much appreciated. For people who struggle with mobility, just sitting down on the toilet or getting up from it can be a struggle.

With a strong grab bar to grip, however, people can easily lower themselves onto and off of the toilet. A bathtub grab bar can also work in a similar way, making it easier for people to lower themselves into the tub for a relaxing bath and to safely get out when they’re done.

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Whether you want to install a shower grab bar, a whole host of grab bars, or even grab bars beyond the bathroom, we’ve got you covered! Contact Orthopedic Service Company today to learn more about your options and to make your Raleigh, NC home and your bathroom as accessible as possible.