ADA Certified Roll-In Bathtub for the Handicapped and Disabled Cary, NC

When it comes to choosing an ADA bathtub, Cary, NC residents are fortunate to have Orthopedic Service Company on their side. Not only can we provide excellent recommendations for various accessible bathtubs, but we’ll even do an in-home assessment of your current bathroom to determine which bathtub would be the best fit for you.

Our goal is to help our clients have the most accessible bathroom possible. With that said, consider these benefits of an accessible bathtub to help you determine if it’s the right fit for you.

A Tub with a Door

The fold down seat helps the disabled and handicap use the shower easier with access at the height of a wheelchair. The adjustable shower handle allows multiple heights for use. The wall handles help with accessibility.When shopping for an ADA certified roll-in bathtub, Cary, NC residents are often surprised to find that accessible bathtubs typically come with a door.

This door structure allows for easy entry into the bathtub, as well as easy exiting. It also helps the tub to sit higher-up than standard bathtubs, which provides increased safety for Cary, NC users with mobility issues.

No Threshold

Thanks to the way that a wheelchair bathtub is constructed, you don’t have to worry about too-high thresholds or even any thresholds barring entry.

Accessible tubs are made so that people, including those in wheelchairs, can easily and safely get into them without having to roll over or step over a high threshold, which could pose a serious risk.

Increased Depth

When you choose a handicap bathtub, you’ll enjoy greater water depth than you’d find with a traditional bathtub. While most standard bathtubs can only offer around 14 inches of water depth, most accessible bathtubs provide at least 4 feet of water depth.

This increased depth means that you can more easily submerge yourself in the water, allowing you to enjoy a full, luxurious bath, something that many users with mobility issues thought was impossible!

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Are you ready to install a disability bathtub in your Cary, NC home and enjoy all of these benefits and more?

Or, maybe you’re still undecided about what your bathroom needs.

No matter what the case may be, we’re glad to help you with planning your accessible bathroom. Just contact us today for help and expert advice that is sure to benefit you!