ADA Certified Roll-In Bathtub for the Handicapped and Disabled Durham, NC

ADA Certified Roll-In Bathtub for the Handicapped and Disabled Durham, NC

The fold down seat helps the disabled and handicap use the shower easier with access at the height of a wheelchair. The adjustable shower handle allows multiple heights for use. The wall handles help with accessibility.Many people who are handicapped or who are wheelchair users think that they can’t enjoy a bathtub. And, while it is true that most accessible bathrooms have showers, there are specialty bathtubs available.

When it comes to having an ADA certified bathtub, Durham, NC residents can turn to the experts here at Orthopedic Service Company. We’re happy to assess your home and current setup and to offer advice about how best to achieve the bathroom and the bathtub of your dreams. 

Or, if you’re still on the fence about whether or not an accessible bathtub could be for you, then consider these benefits.

Bathtubs Warm You Up

There are many things Durham, NC residents have found to love about an ADA roll-in bathtub .

For one thing, after a cold day outdoors, there’s nothing better than sinking into a nice, warm bath.

Plus, a lot of the accessible bathtubs on the market today can actually be customized to function like luxury bathtubs. That means you can enjoy awesome upgrades like bubbling jets and even seating equipped with a warmer.

Bathtubs Are Safe

People are often concerned that a wheelchair bathtub won’t be safe for users with limited mobility, but that’s not the case at all.

Good, ADA-approved bathtubs are typically equipped with many safety features, such as non-slip flooring, thermometers that tell you the water temperature, and a design that always keeps the user’s head above water.

Thus, as long as they’re used appropriately, accessible bathtubs can be completely safe. 

Bathtubs Get You Clean

A handicap bathtub is also nice in that it allows users to fully submerge their bodies in the water all at once. This can make it easier to complete a full, deep cleaning of the entire body, especially for people who can’t easily turn or reach all areas of the body while in the shower.

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Ultimately, only you can decide if a disability bathtub is right for you. However, we can talk to you more about these and other benefits. What’s more is that we’ll get to know you and your situation so that our advice is truly customized for you and your needs.

We also offer a wide range of great home and bathroom modifications that can make your Durham, NC home a more comfortable, accessible place to be, whether you add a bathtub or not.

Contact us today and we can start assisting and serving you right away!