ADA Certified Roll-In Shower for the Handicapped and Disabled Chapel Hill, NC

There are many ways to make a bathroom more accessible. One great option is to add a roll-in shower. And, when it comes to finding an ADA roll-in shower, Chapel Hill, NC residents have plenty of great options to choose from. 

They also have us- Orthopedic Service Company – on their side. Here at OSC, we’re always glad to offer advice on home modifications. In fact, we’ll even assess your home and let you know what we think are your best options for making it more accessible.

A Safe, Flat Surface

For those in Chapel Hill NC roll-in shower options are, as mentioned, plentiful. However, all roll-in showers have one thing in common: a flat, rimless surface. There are never any thresholds or raised areas that could pose a risk to those in wheelchairs or who may have mobility issues.

You can even add in additional safety measures, such as non-slip flooring and grab bars, which we personally install, to make your new shower even safer!

Ease of Use

A handicap roll-in shower is designed to be as easy to use as possible. In particular, it makes entering and exiting the shower simple and safe.

Because of this, the vast majority of people are able to get into the shower on their own, enjoy their shower, and then get out without help or at least with minimal assistance. For some people, the freedom, independence, and sense of self this simple ability offers makes a huge, positive impact.

Convenience for Everyone

You might think that a disability shower would be an eyesore, or that it would only be used by people with disabilities. However, these showers can now be made in any style or design. Plus, they offer a lot of great features, like convenient spray nozzles and comfortable seating that everyone, disabled or not, can enjoy.

Thus, your new shower doesn’t have to be used just by the person in your family who truly needs it. Everyone in your household can use and enjoy the shower!

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