ADA Certified Shower and Bathtub for the Elderly Cary, NC

When it comes to purchasing an ADA certified shower or bathtub, Cary, NC residents have lots of great suppliers they can buy from. This means they can enjoy a very wide selection of products to make their homes more accessible for their elderly loved ones.

All that choice, while a good thing, can feel a bit overwhelming. Thankfully, though, you don’t have to make these types of decisions on your own.  Here at Orthopedic Service Company, we’re committed to helping people make their homes more accessible. We offer free consultations and advice, as well as some excellent mobility and accessibility products.

So, if you need some help choosing a shower, bathtub, or shower/tub combo or any other accessibility options, we’ve got you covered!

No Slipping

The fold down seat helps the disabled and handicap use the shower easier with access at the height of a wheelchair. The adjustable shower handle allows multiple heights for use. The wall handles help with accessibility.In Cary, NC, ADA certified shower and bathtub options are designed to help guard against slipping, which poses a major risk for elderly people.

These fixtures typically feature non-slip flooring, quick-draining, and no-threshold entrances, all of which make the bathtub and shower much safer for elderly users.

If you’re not sure whether a particular bathtub or shower meets ADA guidelines or how “slip-proof” it is, don’t hesitate to ask us to assess it. In fact, we can and will assess your whole bathroom for safety and accessibility!

Excellent Add-Ons

While you might get lucky and find an elderly shower that’s perfect as is, these showers can often be improved with a few simple add-ons.

For example, it’s popular to add seats, massaging jets, and more into showers and bathtubs. Grab bars are another popular option that can increase safety and make it easier to move around in the shower and bathtub.

We actually offer some excellent, stylish grab bars for just this purpose.

Assistive Devices

While a specially designed elderly bathtub or shower is a great option in many ways, not everyone can afford one.

Maybe you’re in that boat, or you’ve realized that you just can’t afford one yet

Whatever the case may be, if you need a solution that doesn’t require you to make permanent, expensive changes, you can always purchase assistive devices for use in standard showers or bathtubs.

For example, we offer the Roll-In Buddy, which is an effective, affordable assistive shower device. For more information on products like these, give us a call!

Contact Us Today

In fact, no matter what you need, we encourage you to contact us if you’re trying to create a more accessible bathroom.

Our passion is creating more accessible homes that everyone can enjoy. And, because we’re so committed to this goal, we’ve spent years gaining the experience and expertise necessary to achieve it. Let us share our knowledge with you today!