ADA Shower and Bathtub for the Elderly Raleigh, NC

When it comes to adding an ADA tub or ADA shower, Raleigh, NC residents are very fortunate to have lots of great options to choose from. They’re even more fortunate to be able to seek help and advice from the experts here at Orthopedic Service Company.

We can provide you with a free in-home assessment of your bathroom and offer our advice and input on the best bathroom and home modifications to fit your needs. 

Reduce the Risk of Slipping

The fold down seat helps the disabled and handicap use the shower easier with access at the height of a wheelchair. The adjustable shower handle allows multiple heights for use. The wall handles help with accessibility.One of the things about an ADA shower or an ADA bathtub Raleigh, NC residents appreciate is the fact that these appliances come equipped with non-slip flooring.

Slipping and falling in the wet bathing area poses a dangerous risk for everyone. However, falls can be particularly damaging for elderly people. For this reason, having a shower, tub, or a shower-tub combo that reduces this risk can make any bathroom much safer for elderly users.

Enjoy Easy Entries and Exits

When you choose a specially-designed disabled or elderly shower or tub, you’ll quickly find that these appliances make it easier to enter and exit the bathing area. 

In addition to offering non-slip flooring, they typically do not have any raised areas, thresholds, or ledges that you have to worry about, making them convenient even for those elderly individuals who are wheelchair-bound.

Increase Independence

When you add an elderly bathtub into your home, you give everyone in your household the chance to enjoy increased freedom and independence.

Because these tubs are designed with safety and ease of use in mind, users with various mobility issues can often use them all on their own. This enables people, especially older people, to increase their sense of in-home privacy and comfort.

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If you’d like to find an ADA tub or shower for your home and need some advice, we can help. Even if you already have one of these appliances installed and would like additional features to make it even safer, we’ve got you covered.

In fact, no matter what you need or what kind of advice you’re seeking, if it’s related to making your home more accessible, we can help. All you have to do is reach out to us!