ADA Transfer Lifts Durham, NC

If you are a caregiver to someone who has mobility issues, consider investing in an ADA transfer lift. ADA transfer lifts are very high-quality lifts that meet the quality and safety standards put forth by the Americans with Disabilities Act, and having one in your home can make a world of positive difference for you and your loved ones.

Fortunately, if you’re in or near Durham, ADA transfer lifts are easy to come by, thanks to Orthopedic Service Company. We’re proud to offer a wide range of ADA transfer lifts Durham residents can access without having to travel far away or paying exorbitant shipping costs.

Get Up Close and Personal

Whenever you are putting a patient into a lift or removing them from one, remember to work close to the person and use the proper technique. When you are close, you’ll have to do less leaning. And, since leaning can lead to straining and injury, you want to avoid it as much as possible.

The good news is that ADA transfer lifts are designed for safety, both for you and the patient. So, by using one of these lifts, you’re already off to a great start. Just take safety one step further and remember to stay close when using a lift.

Keep Your Lift in Proper Condition

Here at Orthopedic Service Company, we care deeply about the products we offer. That’s why all of our transfer lifts are as high-quality and well-made as possible. This means they’ll last for a very long time. However, even the best lifts – our lifts- do need to be serviced and taken care of properly.

Check the manufacturer’s instructions to verify how frequently your lift will need care and maintenance, and then follow these specifications. If you notice any issues or damage to your lift at any time, do not continue using it until you can have it serviced by a professional. Remember, we do offer replacement parts and pieces as needed, so you can always come to us for help and advice if you run into a lift issue!

Listen to Your Patient

As a final tip, whenever possible, listen carefully to your patient when using the lift. In some cases, the patient may actually be able to provide assistance to make lifting easier. Take advantage of this assistance when it’s available.

Also, if a patient does not want to be lifted and is combative or is struggling, avoid using the lift at that time. The best users will be ones who can help and/or follow your instructions carefully in order to provide a safe lifting experience for everyone.

If a patient cannot assist with the move or follow instructions, make sure you have chosen a lift that is designed specifically for this type of situation. Fortunately, we can help to match you with the right lift, no matter how unique your needs may be.

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Here at Orthopedic Service Company, we provide excellent customer service and will really listen to what you want and need in a lift. When you shop with us, you’ll always leave with just the right products and the confidence and knowledge to use them correctly.