ADA Certified Wheelchair Accessible Bathroom Sinks in Raleigh, NC

      Your home’s bathroom should be a comfortable, usable space for every person who lives there. When you have a handicapped person in the home, however, this can be more difficult. Fortunately, when it comes to finding an ADA certified wheelchair accessible bathroom sink, Raleigh, NC homeowners can turn to Orthopedic Service Company. Not only do we offer amazing accessibility products, but we also provide free in-home assessments to ensure you choose the right options for your home and lifestyle.

      Complete Compliance

      Man On Wheelchair Washing HandsIn Raleigh, NC, ADA certified handicap accessible bathroom sinks are not required for private residences. However, we understand that some homeowners feel better when they strictly adhere to ADA guidelines. If that’s the case for you, we are happy to go over these guidelines, explain them to you, and then help you select a sink that meets them all. However, we can also work outside of the guidelines to match you with a sink that meets the unique needs of the people in your home.

      Increased Independence

      Whether you choose fully ADA compliant sinks or not, we’ll help you find a sink that improves quality of life for your disabled or mobility-impaired loved one. Our goal with every product we offer is to increase independence. With our assistance, you can potentially make it possible for your family member to access, reach, and use the bathroom sink with ease, affording them not only greater bodily autonomy, but also more privacy and confidence.

      Smart Styling

      At Orthopedic Service Company, we understand that you want your home to be just as attractive as it is accessible. That’s why we focus on providing sinks that not only promote accessibility, but that also complement your tastes. During our assessment, we can offer suggestions as to which handicap bathroom sinks will best suit your home, all while ensuring they meet the height, clearance, and safety standards you require.

      Contact Us

      Ready to make your Raleigh, NC home and bathroom a better place to be for everyone? If so, don’t hesitate to contact us. With our many custom solutions and dedication to personalized customer service, we’re sure to find an ADA certified wheelchair accessible bathroom sink that will work for you.