Wheelchair Accessible Kitchen Cabinets in Chapel Hill, NC

A great many people use wheelchairs or have handicaps or mobility problems. However, they can still enjoy increased independence by living in an accessible home. And, while all parts of a home should be as accessible as possible, it is particularly important in the kitchen. After all, when a kitchen is hard to access or use, handicapped individuals may have trouble getting food, preparing meals, or performing other basic functions.

Fortunately, at Orthopedic Service Company, we make it possible for handicapped users to do all of these things and then some. In fact, when it comes to buying ADA certified wheelchair accessible kitchen cabinets, Chapel Hill, NC residents can rely on us. We can install new cabinets or modify existing cabinets to make a kitchen more accessible for just about anyone, no matter what their needs may be.

Comfort and Safety

Disabled Man Preparing Food In KitchenIn Chapel Hill, NC, ADA certified handicap accessible kitchen cabinet design is necessary to promote both comfort and safety. When cabinets are not placed at an accessible height or are hard to open, they can be incredibly difficult to use for those with mobility impairments. People might have to strain and struggle to try and reach or open them. This can lead to an increased risk of falling and injury.

However, we specialize in offering cabinets designed to meet each individual’s specific needs and requests. This makes the kitchen a much safer, more user-friendly place to be and can greatly improve quality of life.


Many people think that accessible kitchen cabinets are just cabinets placed at an appropriate height. However, at OSC, we believe truly accessible cabinets are ones that are also easy to open and operate.

Fortunately, many options exist for making cabinets more accessible. Whether you require full extension drawers, pull-down shelves, or simply want to explore your options, we can help. In fact, we’ll even provide a complimentary in-home assessment to help you discover all possible solutions for making your kitchen more accessible.


The best accessible kitchens allow a user to access almost every part of the kitchen from one position. Thus, when we install cabinets, we consider the rest of your kitchen as well. Our goal is to create a layout that makes all parts of your kitchen, not just your cabinets, as accessible as possible. Furthermore, we can provide other accessibility devices or modifications to create a kitchen that works on every level and for every person.

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Are you ready to transform your Chapel, Hill, NC kitchen with ADA wheelchair accessible cabinets? If so, contact us today. We’ll take the time to get to know you and your unique needs. Then, together, we can come up with a plan to make your kitchen a better place for everyone. We look forward to assisting you!