Creating a Wheelchair Accessible Kitchen in Durham, NC

When it comes to ADA certified wheelchair accessible kitchen modifications, Durham, NC residents can get help modifying their kitchens from Orthopedic Service Company. We specialize in making kitchens more accessible for people with various disabilities and mobility issues. If you’re not sure where to start, you can contact us for a free in-home assessment. Once we’ve taken a look at your kitchen, we can typically provide many great suggestions for making it more accessible.

Accessible Counters

Disabled Man On Wheelchair Washing DishesIf you’re trying to create a wheelchair accessible kitchen, the first step is usually ensuring that everything is at the appropriate height for wheelchair users.

Take countertops and other workspaces for example. Typically, they are placed too high for a wheelchair user to access. But, by lowering countertops to around 34” or lower, they become easily accessible. Not only can we provide help with lowering countertops, but we can also create a custom design that specifically matches the needs of your loved one.

Open Space

In Durham, NC, ADA certified kitchen modifications commonly include removing obstructions and allowing for a more clear and open space. After all, the more open a space is, the easier it is to access for anyone, including and especially those in wheelchairs or those who use other assistive devices.

We can remove or relocate cabinets and other storage areas that prohibit access to a counter, stove, or workspace. Furthermore, we’re skilled at identifying possible obstacles to your loved one and removing or modifying them to keep them from being a barrier to accessibility.

Accessible Cabinets

A good handicap kitchen should also feature accessible cabinets. As is the case with counters, this often means lowering traditionally-placed cabinets to a more accessible height. Attention may also need to be paid toward how the cabinets open. Replacing knobs with handles or other easy-to-use options can easily transform a kitchen into a friendly, usable space for all people.

Contact Us

We know how to make your Durham, NC kitchen an accessible place. Through these and other modifications, your kitchen can be transformed in a powerful way that will benefit your entire family. To learn more about how we can help or to request a free in-home assessment, don’t hesitate to contact us today.