Creating an ADA Certified Wheelchair Accessible Kitchen in Raleigh, NC

If someone in your household uses a wheelchair or has other mobility impairments, it’s important to make your home as accessible as possible. Ideally, the entire home should be accessible, but special attention should be paid to the most vital areas of the home, such as the kitchen.

Fortunately, when it comes to creating an ADA certified wheelchair accessible kitchen, Raleigh, NC residents have a great resource in Orthopedic Service Company. We pride ourselves on designing and modifying kitchens and other key areas in the home to make them amenable to all. When you allow us to help, you and your loved one are sure to see many positive changes.

Keep Your Loved One in the Home for Longer

Disabled Man Preparing Food In KitchenIn Raleigh, NC, ADA certified handicap accessible kitchen design can take many forms. However, we focus on making individualized changes. That’s why we take the time to get to know you and your needs. We also offer free in-home assessments and suggestions specific to you and your household.

Our main goal is to help your loved one stay in the home and stay independent for longer. If a person can’t easily access the kitchen, cook, and care for themselves, then independence becomes less and less possible. With our help, though, your kitchen and your entire house can promote self-reliance and allow your loved one to remain right where they belong: at home.

Enjoy A Kitchen That Works for Everyone

A wheelchair accessible kitchen doesn’t have to look much different from a standard kitchen. We understand that many households have both disabled and non-disabled people living in them. Thus, we strive to create kitchens that are attractive and accessible for all.

We focus on removing barriers and obstructions that could cause difficulty for or pose a risk to disabled individuals. However, the kitchens we create or modify are still attractive and can be used by all people, regardless of their level of mobility.

Benefits from Improved Functionality

True handicap kitchen design means creating a kitchen that is functional in the most important sense. When you let us design or modify your kitchen, we’ll ensure that the major appliances, countertops, cabinets, and more can all be used by a person with mobility impairments.

Our goal is not to create a kitchen that simply meets benign requirements. Instead, it’s to create a kitchen that is functional for your loved one in particular. 

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Is your Raleigh, NC home as accessible as it could be? Is your kitchen an inclusive space that everyone in the household can use? If you answered “no” to these questions or if you’re not sure, let us help! Contact Orthopedic Service Company today to set your kitchen and your mobility impaired loved one up for long-term success.