ADA Certified Wheelchair Accessible Kitchen Sinks in Raleigh, NC

Do you have a handicapped or mobility impaired loved one living in your home? If so, it’s imperative that you make your home as accessible as possible. This is especially true when it comes to the home’s most vital living areas, such as the bathroom and kitchen.

Fortunately, here at Orthopedic Service Company, we offer a range of options for making every room in the home more accessible. And, if you’d like to start with the kitchen, we’ve got you covered with ADA certified wheelchair accessible kitchen sinks Raleigh, NC residents can rely on.


Disabled Man On Wheelchair Washing DishesIn Raleigh, NC, ADA certified handicap accessible kitchen sinks have to meet certain requirements in order to be fully compliant with ADA guidelines. Some of these requirements revolve around clearance. After all, handicapped users need enough space to safely enter a kitchen and to use all of its appliances, including the sink.

At Orthopedic Service Company, we understand that every household and every need is different. Thus, we can follow exact ADA guidelines if you prefer, or we can simply create a kitchen and sink setup that works for you.

Either way, we’ll ensure that the mobility impaired person in your life can easily and safely access and reach the sink. Whether this means including enough space for a wheelchair to roll under the sink or adding extra space around the sink area for easier maneuverability, we can assist you.


A handicap accessible kitchen sink shouldn’t just be easy to reach. It should also be easy to use. And, in many cases, this means installing specialized handles, pull-out sprayers, and other important features.

If you’re not sure what you need, don’t worry! We will gladly listen to your preferences and concerns and then work to create a sink that’s functional for everyone in your home. Whether this means installing a brand new sink or simply modifying your existing sink, we can help. We even offer free in-home assessments to ensure you find the ideal solution.


When installing ADA compliant kitchen sinks, we value safety above all else. From anti-scald valves to non-slip under-sink flooring and mats, we have answers to every problem or worry. After all, there’s no point in installing an accessible sink if it’s going to present a hazard to your loved one.

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