ADA Certified Wheelchair Accessible Pedestal Sinks in Cary, NC

Man On Wheelchair Washing HandsWhen you have a disabled or handicapped loved one living in the home, every feature matters. This includes your sinks. Get the wrong kind of sink, and your loved one will not be able to easily access and use the bathroom, one of the most important areas of the home.

Fortunately, an easy solution for many people is a pedestal sink. This sink sits atop a pedestal and provides adequate clearance for those using wheelchairs or other accessibility devices. And, to find an ADA certified handicap accessible pedestal sink, Cary, NC residents need look no further than Orthopedic Service Company. We offer a range of accessible home modifications and free in-home assessments to help you choose the right solutions for your home.


In Cary, NC, ADA certified wheelchair accessible pedestal sink options are abundant. However, you need to choose the one that is going to be safest for your family. That’s why we focus on putting safety first. We ensure that sinks are placed at the appropriate height, that the controls are easy to access and use, and that there are no parts that could pose a danger to your loved ones.


ADA compliant pedestal sinks must meet certain guidelines in relation to clearance. For example, they need to have adequate room on all sides, including at least four feet of unobstructed space in front. While we can adhere closely to these and other ADA guidelines, we can also offer custom solutions designed to work specifically for you and your space.


The best thing about an ADA certified wheelchair accessible pedestal sink is the freedom and independence it can provide your loved one. Sinks are necessary for some of the most basic living functions, such as washing hands, brushing teeth, and getting a quick glass of water. By allowing us to help you select the best sink for your home, you’re giving your loved one the greatest gift of all: increased independence.

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