ADA Certified Wheelchair Accessible Pedestal Sinks in Raleigh, NC

When people think of accessible sinks, they often imagine clinical-looking sinks that all look the same. However, accessible design has come a long way. Now, sinks that meet ADA requirements are available in all kinds of styles and types, including the popular pedestal style. And, when it comes to finding an ADA certified wheelchair accessible pedestal sink, Raleigh, NC residents need look no further than Orthopedic Service Company.

Save Space

Person in a wheelchair washing handsADA compliant pedestal sinks are composed of two distinct parts: the basin and the pedestal, a long, thin stand that supports the sink. Because of the way these sinks are constructed, they tend to be very space-efficient.

Users will enjoy more room in their bathrooms. Plus, for those in wheelchairs, it’s easy to maneuver under and around the sink. Unlike sinks with a built-in cabinet underneath, there’s nothing big and bulky to bump into or to stop the user from rolling right up to the sink. 

Reach With Ease

In Raleigh, NC, ADA certified handicap accessible pedestal sink buyers can easily have their sinks placed at the height they need. If you’re following ADA standards exactly, the sink should be no less than 27 inches from the floor, but not over 34 inches. 

At Orthopedic Service Company, we can follow ADA guidelines to the letter. Or, we can simply craft a sink that meets the specific needs and preferences of the users in your household. EIther way, we will ensure that your sink is easy to reach and offers adequate clearance space underneath.

Cut the Clutter

Finally, you will find that a pedestal sink is great for reducing bathroom clutter. When you have a sink with a lot of attached counter space, it’s tempting to let objects accumulate on top. Unfortunately, these objects can pose a risk for a handicapped or weakened user. They might fall off the counter and injure them, or they could be placed at areas where the user needs to grip or pull themselves up.

With pedestal sinks, there really isn’t room to gather clutter. But, don’t worry! We can also discuss suitable, safer bathroom storage options with you as well.

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