ADA Certified Accessible Sink Modifications in Cary, NC

Making a home more accessible for those with disabilities or mobility impairments should start with the most basic but important parts of the home, which includes your sinks. And, thankfully, when it comes to ADA certified wheelchair accessible sink modifications, Cary, NC residents have a wonderful resource in Orthopedic Service Company.

Not only do we provide amazing accessibility products and modifications, but we’re also happy to offer advice and support as you seek to transform your home. We even provide free in-home assessments to help you decide how best to modify or upgrade your sinks.

Avoid a Too-High Rim

In Cary, NC, ADA certified handicap accessible sink modifications can come in different types and forms. However, there are some commonalities that all truly accessible sinks must share.

For one thing, they cannot have a rim that is too high. In fact, the ADA mandates that the rim of the sink not be higher than 34 inches. This is to enable those in wheelchairs or with other difficulties to reach and use the sink with ease.

Provide Plenty of Floor Space

If you have a wheelchair user in the home, it’s especially important that you follow ADA guidelines very closely. If you don’t, there’s a good chance they won’t be able to use the sink, or at least not without difficulty. Remember, wheelchair sink modifications include not just the sink itself, but the area around it.

You need to provide plenty of room and space for the wheelchair user to maneuver around the general area with ease. Thus, the ADA recommends 30 x 48 inches of open floor space surrounding the sink area.

Provide Functional Faucets

Finally, handicap sink modifications should also allow for a user to control the faucet with only one hand.

In some cases, however, your loved one may not have full use of their hands. In this case, other operation methods, such as lever-controlled or electronically-controlled faucets, may be a better option.

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As you can see, there’s a lot to consider when making your sinks accessible. If you’re feeling overwhelmed or if you just want to ensure you purchase and install the best possible sink modifications for your loved one, remember you’re not alone. Here at Orthopedic Service Company, we specialize in making Cary, NC homes as accessible and inviting as possible. To enlist our expert help and support, don’t hesitate to contact us.