ADA Certified Accessible Sink Modifications in Chapel Hill, NC

Many people have loved ones who are elderly, disabled, or who have limited or impaired mobility. Thankfully, though, there are resources available that can enable these individuals to make their homes more accessible.

In fact, when it comes to ADA certified wheelchair accessible sink modifications, Chapel Hill, NC residents have a wonderful resource in Orthopedic Service Company.

We offer free in-home assessments, as well as advice and support, to help you modify your current sink or find a new one that will meet the needs of every member of your household.

Wall-Mounted Sinks

In Chapel Hill, NC, ADA certified handicap accessible sink modifications can be added to different types of sinks.

For example, wall-mounted sinks are a common choice. These sinks are mounted to the wall and typically have plenty of space underneath to accommodate wheelchair users and others who rely on assistive devices.

Many people like the clean, stylish look of these sinks and the fact that, in many cases, they look no different from a standard sink

Height-Adjustable Sinks

Interested in wheelchair sink modifications that allow for some versatility? If so, consider height-adjustable sinks, which move up and down or side-to-side on a track, allowing them to adjust to everyone’s needs.

With these sinks, wheelchair users can ensure that their sink is always accessible, even if they get a new or different-sized chair. These sinks can also be incredibly helpful in households where multiple, diverse disabilities are present, or where a sink will be shared between both disabled and non-disabled users.

Under-Mount Sinks

Handicap sink modifications can also be applied to under-mount sinks, which are situated within a supportive structure, such as a cabinet. However, these sinks often need to be specially-made and installed, though they do typically provide additional storage, which can be helpful in a smaller bathroom or home.

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Believe it or not, these are just a few of many sink options. If you’d like to explore all of the possibilities or if you need help deciding which type of sink is right for your Chapel Hill, NC home, we’ve got you covered! Don’t hesitate to contact us. We’ll help you get started on your journey toward finding the perfect, accessible sink for your home.