ADA Certified Accessible Sinks for Elderly Individuals in Chapel Hill, NC

If you have an elderly loved one who uses a wheelchair or who has other mobility impairments or handicaps, modifying as many aspects of your home as possible is a wise idea. These modifications should extend to all areas of the home, but especially those that are the most used and important for maintaining independence.

As you can imagine, the sink is one such home feature. And, thankfully, when it comes to finding ADA certified accessible sinks for elderly Chapel Hill, NC residents, we’ve got you covered!

Here at Orthopedic Service Company, not only do we offer excellent home modifications, but we also provide free in-home assessments, advice, and general support. We can even help you to learn about the different options for accessible sinks and to choose the one that best meets your needs.

Vanity Sinks

In Chapel Hill, NC, ADA wheelchair accessible sinks for elderly individuals do not have to be an eyesore!

Many people are worried about adding ADA approved sinks or modifying their current sinks, fearing they will ruin the aesthetic appeal of their homes. However, there are many types of sinks, often referred to as vanity sinks, that satisfy all ADA requirements while still looking great. In fact, with many of these sinks, you won’t even be able to tell, just from looking at them, that they’ve been made accessible.

Typically mounted on a wall and often adjustable, these sinks look great and function great too, though they can be more costly than simpler options.

Wall-Mounted Sink

When it comes to specially-made wheelchair accessible sinks for elderly individuals, wall-mounted sinks are often the best option. As the name implies, they are firmly and securely mounted to the wall, which means they wont’ “give” if your loved one needs to lean on them for support.

They also provide plenty of clearance, as well as insulated plumbing fixtures when applicable, so that individuals in wheelchairs can access the sink with ease.

Adjustable Sinks

Handicap sinks for elderly people can also be made so that they are adjustable. They may move up and down or side to side, allowing them to work for those with different needs.

These sinks are great for people with changing needs, such as temporary or infrequent wheelchair users. They can also work well when multiple disabilities are present in the home or when a sink will be used by all members of the family, both disabled and non-disabled.

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Now that you have an idea of a few of the many ADA certified accessible sinks available, why not contact us to learn more. We will help you find the perfect sink for you and your Chapel Hill, NC home. No matter where you are in your journey, we look forward to assisting you!