ADA Wheelchair Accessible Upper Kitchen Cabinets for Your Cary, NC Home

Making your home as accessible as possible for all the people who live there is extremely important, especially if you have an elderly or disabled loved one or a wheelchair user living in the home. 

Fortunately, there’s one room that can very easily be made more accessible, and that’s the kitchen. Typically, all it takes is a few modifications and some great cabinets. And, when it comes to ADA certified wheelchair accessible upper kitchen cabinets, Cary, NC residents need look no further than Orthopedic Service Company. We offer free in-home assessments and a wide range of mobility products and modification options designed to make life easier for everyone. Our cabinets, in particular, are known for offering some major benefits to everyone in the home.

They’re Easy to Open

In Cary, NC, ADA certified handicap accessible upper kitchen cabinets come in all sizes and types, at least when you shop with us!

And, no matter which of our cabinet options you choose, you’ll find that they all have one great benefit in common: they’re easy to open! Regardless of what mobility impairment or other unique needs your loved one has, we can provide cabinets that pull out for easy opening and easy access to the contents inside.

They’re Easy to Reach

ADA upper kitchen cabinets also have to be easy to reach. Place them too low, and an elderly person might have trouble bending down to reach inside. Place them too high, and a wheelchair user won’t be able to reach them at all.

Here at OSC, we understand these issues, which is why we can perfectly modify cabinets to meet the unique needs of those living in your household. Whether this means lowering the cabinets to be at the perfect level or designing a whole new set of easy to reach cabinets, we’ve always got you covered!

They’re Easy to Organize

No matter if your loved one has issues with mobility or uses a wheelchair, upper kitchen cabinets from us are sure to improve their lives and independence. That’s because, not only are they easy to open and to reach, but they’re also easy to organize.

The last thing you want is for someone to get a cabinet open only to have the items inside come tumbling down on them. We offer cabinet organization options, such as roll-out shelves, that enable you to keep all items in place and organized for easier, safer access that everyone in your family can enjoy.

Contact Us Today

Want to learn more about ADA certified accessible upper kitchen cabinets or handicap upper kitchen cabinets? If so, all you have to do is reach out to us! We’ll take the time to get to know you and your needs and to turn your Cary, NC kitchen into a wonderful, accommodating place for every member of your family. We look forward to serving you!