ADA Wheelchair Handicap Disability Bathroom Modifications Cary, NC

A bathroom that will regularly be used by a person with specialized needs has to be very different from other bathrooms. That’s why, here at Orthopedic Service Company, we’re proud to offer ADA bathroom modifications Cary, NC residents can rely on. 

In fact, our bathroom modifications are some of the best you’ll find anywhere. And, on top of our products and options, we also offer an open ear and warm advice when it’s needed most!

Add Adequate Space

When it comes to wheelchair bathroom modifications Cary, NC residents should allow adequate space in front of each and every bathroom fixture. This makes it easier for people with mobility impairments or who use wheelchairs to maneuver around these important spaces.

The general guidelines are to allow 30” by 48” of space in front of each fixture within the bathroom. If you can do this simple thing, you’ve already made a lot of headway toward a more accessible bathroom.

Include Ample Storage

Some handicap bathroom modifications Cary, NC residents enjoy are also beneficial for others as well.

For example, clutter isn’t desirable in any bathroom. However, in a bathroom used by a disabled individual, it can actually be dangerous. Running over an object in a wheelchair or tripping over something when one has mobility impairments is the last thing you want. Thus, it’s very important to keep everything up and off the floor, and the easiest way to do that is to add in ample storage space, which everyone is sure to appreciate

Keep in mind, however, that traditional heights for things like shelves and cabinets may not work for the disabled person in your life. Thus, ensure that all storage containers and other items are placed at appropriate heights, which can vary from one person to the next.

Add a Lift

Finally, for those who have a hard time getting into or out of the shower or other areas within the bathroom, remember that you can always add and use a lift in this room as well as in other areas of the home.

Transfer lifts and other types of lifts are available through us and can suit a wide range of needs. 

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For ADA disability bathroom modifications Cary, NC residents have been relying on for years, turn to Orthopedic Service Company.

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