ADA Wheelchair Handicap Disability Bathroom Modifications Chapel Hill, NC

ADA Disability Bathroom Modifications Chapel Hill, NC

Wheelchair users deserve to feel comfortable in every single room of their homes, including the bathroom. And, thanks to Orthopedic Service Company and the great ADA bathroom modifications Chapel Hill, NC residents can!

There are actually a wide range of bathroom modifications you can make, from the simple to the extreme and from the temporary to the permanent. We’re happy to help you learn about all of your options and to choose the best ones to meet your needs.

Rolling Shower Seats

When it comes to simple, less permanent wheelchair bathroom modifications Chapel Hill, NC residents can count on us! In fact, they’re sure to love our rolling shower seats.

These seats allow wheelchair users to sit comfortably while taking a shower and can be removed when not needed or not in use, allowing your shower to remain functional for everyone in your household. However, if you’d prefer a more permanent option, you could also opt for a fixed shower seat that remains as a permanent fixture in your shower.

Curbless Showers

Another of the handicap bathroom modifications Chapel Hill, NC residents can enjoy is the curbless shower. These showers have an entry and exit point that is level with the floor, making them very easy to get into and out of. They also tend to have a wider opening for wheelchair access. 

It’s possible, in many cases, to modify an existing shower to meet the required specifications, or you could have an entirely new shower added to your bathroom. Whatever the case may be, a curbless shower is a wonderful option for wheelchair users, especially when paired with the comfort and convenience of one of our shower seats.

Grab Bars

Other disability bathroom modifications Chapel Hill, NC residents may enjoy include grab bars. 

Every accessible bathroom should have grab bars installed in all of the bathing areas. This simple addition can go a long way toward making showering or bathing easier for the wheelchair users or disabled individuals in your home, not to mention safer.

In most cases, you’ll want at least one grab bar per wall, but we can help you to figure out your exact needs and even where grab bars should be placed. Plus, we offer some of the strongest, most high-quality grab bars available.

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As you can see, there are lots of things you can do to create a more accessible bathroom that everyone can use and enjoy.

If you’d like help, ideas, and some great products to bring your ADA bathroom modification to life, contact us today. We look forward to serving you!