ADA Certified Wheelchair Platform Lift Raleigh, NC

Many people are unfamiliar with platform lifts, and that’s a shame because these are some of the best and most useful lifts available. Platform lifts basically function like an elevator. They can move people and their wheelchairs or other assistive devices up and down vertically. Many lifts are even enclosed for better privacy and safety, and some feature control units that can be operated from the lift, which encourages independence.

To find a great ADA certified platform lift in Raleigh, NC, residents are encouraged to contact Orthopedic Service Company. We’ll go through all your lift options with you and ensure you end up with the right one to match your needs and budget.

Avoid Those Trying Transfers

In Raleigh NC ADA platform lift options are plentiful. However, one particularly nice thing about platform lifts specifically is that they typically do not require transfers.

Most wheelchair users will tell you that one of the most trying and difficult parts of getting upstairs is having to transfer out of their chairs and into a lift. They often require a caregiver to assist them with transfers, which limits independence and mobility. Plus, many people can have accidents or suffer injuries as a result of transfers.

Since platform lifts don’t require transfers for wheelchair users, they’re a much-coveted option. Users can literally roll right onto the lift and, in many cases, operate it completely on their own. 

Use Your Lift Everywhere

You might think that a wheelchair platform lift can only be used in one specific place. However, that’s not always true! Many of these lifts are easily portable, which allows you to use them where and when you need them.

There are lifts designed for indoor use, for outdoor use, and even hybrid lifts that can be used both indoors and outdoors. So, really, no matter what you’re looking for in a lift or where you intend to use it, you can find a great option. However, with so much choice, we strongly recommend that you let us help you in your quest for the ideal lift!

Feel Safe at All Times

One final thing to appreciate about a handicap platform lift is how it makes users feel safe and secure at all times. Wheelchair users, for example, get to stay firmly seated in their wheelchairs. And, the platform they’re on is wide and roomy, so they never feel like they’re precariously balanced or in any kind of danger. As mentioned, many platform lifts are also enclosed, which can make users feel less vulnerable and less “on display” when they use them, 

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Ultimately, you or your loved one in Raleigh, NC deserve the very best disability platform lift possible. You deserve to feel safe and comfortable and to use your lift when and where you want. To find a lift that will tick all your boxes and provide the exact experience you’re looking for, get in touch with us today. We can’t wait to serve you!