ADA Certified Wheelchair Porch Lift in Cary, NC

Wheel chair lift one the outside of a house need a staircaseFor people who are wheelchair users and/or who have disabilities or mobility impairments, a porch lift can be a wonderful addition to their home. These lifts make it possible for users to easily access raised entries both in and outside of the home. While they may be called “porch lifts,” they can work on much more than just porches, making them a great asset.

If interested in installing an ADA certified wheelchair porch lift, Cary, NC residents can turn to Orthopedic Service Company. Not only do we provide a variety of high-quality lifts, but we also offer free in-home assessments, as well as support and personalized advice every step of the way.

Greater Heights

For those in Cary, NC, ADA certified wheelchair porch lift options are abundant, as are other home modifications, such as ramps. And, while ramps can be a good asset for a home, they sometimes are not sufficient for reaching the higher locations wheelchair users need to access.

For this reason, higher porches, decks, and other areas in and around the home may be better suited to a lift. Remember, though, you don’t have to make the choice alone. With our expert help, we can easily determine which option or options are right for all of your needs.

Affordable Pricing

Unfortunately, many individuals who could greatly benefit from a handicap porch lift shy away from this option, often because they think it will be too expensive.

However, here at Orthopedic Service Company, we pride ourselves on being able to accommodate people with varied budgets. By offering a variety of lifts and working closely with our customers, we do our very best to ensure people enjoy home modifications that won’t put them at a financial disadvantage.

Ease and Comfort

Ultimately, a disability porch lift is often one of the easiest and most convenient choices for many households. While ramps require wheelchair users to expend a lot of energy and effort or to seek help from others, porch lifts require very little effort and lead to quick and easy access to the desired area. This reason alone is why so many people choose lifts over ramps.

Everyone in your home deserves to feel comfortable and to have as much freedom and independence as possible. Porch lifts provide that, which is just part of what makes them such a popular and desirable option.

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Whether you’re ready to install a porch lift right away, want to learn more, or would like to further explore your options, we’re here to help! We invite you to get in touch with us as soon as possible. The sooner you do, the sooner you can have the Cary, NC home modifications that can make your life better and easier.