ADA Certified Wheelchair Porch Lift Raleigh, NC

When it comes to choosing an ADA certified porch lift, Raleigh, NC residents are often confused. They wonder if a porch lift will only work for providing access to their porches. However, these lifts, which are often referred to as vertical lifts or platform lifts, are not just for porches. 

They are named because they are so commonly used for porches, but they can actually be used for granting access to any raised area inside or outside the home. So, whether you want to use them for going up stairs, accessing a porch or deck, or anything in between, they can be extremely beneficial.

Increase Independence

In Raleigh, NC, ADA certified wheelchair porch lift options are excellent for increasing independence. For one thing, wheelchair users or others who use assistive devices do not have to endure any difficult, possibly dangerous transfers in order to use them. Instead, these lifts are designed to lift both the user and the assistive device. In fact, in many cases, there is not even a need for caregiver assistance.

Even better yet, most lifts have operable controls that are at an accessible height for wheelchair users. Even users who cannot operate traditional controls can often have lifts specially designed for them so that they can use them without assistance.

Ensure Privacy

Not everyone wants to be on “full display” when they use a handicap porch lift. Thankfully, however, users don’t have to be! Most modern porch lifts are enclosed or semi-enclosed, much like elevators, so that the user has some privacy while using the lift.

Many users also find that they feel more secure with an enclosure. They don’t feel as scared of tipping out of their chairs or other assistive devices, and they don’t have to watch the ground or floor beneath them as they use the lift.

Enjoy High Weight Capacities

As mentioned, a disability porch lift is designed to lift not just the user, but also the user and the assistive device. As such, these lifts tend to have very high weight capacities. Many can even lift up to 750 pounds!

For best results, know the combined weight of the user and the assistive device. That way, you’ll be able to choose a lift that can easily accommodate both.

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