ADA Certified Handicap Railing Chapel Hill, NC

Do you have a wheelchair user in your home? Or, perhaps an elderly loved one or someone with general mobility challenges. No matter what the case may be, when it comes to ADA certified railing, Chapel Hill, NC residents can count on Orthopedic Service Company. We proudly offer a wide range of railing products, ramps, and more to make your home more amenable to people who struggle with mobility issues.

Get Around With Ease

In Chapel Hill, NC ADA certified handicap railing can be quickly and easily installed, and it can make a major difference in the lives of those who rely on it. For people in wheelchairs, for example, trying to propel themselves using only their own upper body strength can be exhausting. Add railing into the mix, however, and they’ll glide along more easily, conserving their energy and improving their quality of life.

The same is true even for those who do not use wheelchairs. Elderly people, for example, may find it much easier to move from room to room when they have something to grasp for support. The same is true for those with recent injuries or other impairments.

Moving around your own home shouldn’t be exhausting, and it doesn’t have to be with the right railing in place.

Keep Your Loved Ones at Home Longer

When you have stairs in your home and a loved one with mobility challenges, you’re faced with some tough choices. Do you need to sell your home and move somewhere with only one floor? Or, should you confine your loved one to the first floor for safety? You might even consider a nursing home or other care facility for your family member.

None of those options are ideal, but, thanks to disability railing, you might not have to choose any of them. Adding proper railing to stairs in your home can allow your loved one to live freely in the home for longer.

Move with Confidence

Handicap railing is not the same as the traditional railing you’ll find on most stairs or in non-accessible buildings. Instead, it’s made to be incredibly strong, durable, and supportive. Good railing can handle a lot of weight and is firmly secured in place for maximum safety and security.

For this reason, when you choose ADA certified railing or any specially made railing from us, you can have true confidence in the product. You’ll know that it can safely support your loved one even with heavy use. That peace of mind is the kind of thing you just can’t put a price on.

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Ready to transform your Chapel Hill,NC home and the life of your loved one with railing? If so, contact us today. We’ll help you through every part of the process. From in-home assessments to choosing the right products and usage instruction, we’ve always got you covered!