ADA Certified Disability Railing Durham, NC

When it comes to ADA certified railing, Durham, NC residents can turn to Orthopedic Service Company for help and guidance. We’re proud to offer handrails, ramps with handrails, and so much more, all for use in or outside of your home. These handrails and other products can help people who use wheelchairs or who face other mobility challenges benefit in many ways.

Gain Stability and Support

One reason to invest in ADA certified wheelchair railing is to provide greater stability and support to both wheelchair users and those with other mobility challenges.

Many wheelchair users find that it’s much easier to move themselves along when they have a railing to grasp onto. This can allow them to move more quickly and more safely and can make movement less tiring, which increases overall mobility and quality of life.

However, even non wheelchair users will benefit from having a steady, firm surface to grasp onto and to lean on. 

Make Your Stairs Safer

A handicap railing can also come in handy if you have stairs in your Durham, NC home. Some people may have mobility challenges that still allow them to go up and down stairs, providing they have the right support in place. And, thankfully, a good, strong, quality railing can be that support.

While most modern staircases do have railings of their own, they are typically not as strong, durable, or stable as those specifically designed for use by the mobility-impaired. We’re always happy to assess your current stair situation and offer advice and options for improving your railing and making your stairs and your entire home more accessible.

Reduce the Risk of Falling

No matter where you choose to use or place your disability railing, perhaps the biggest benefit is that a railing system can greatly reduce the risk of falling. Falling even a short distance can be very dangerous or even deadly for the elderly or those with other mobility issues.

Thankfully, however, with a rail firmly secured in place an unfortunate fall can be avoided. A fall can easily be prevented by reaching out and grabbing onto the railing or by never letting go of it in the first place. We’ll even show you how to safely and optimally use any new railing you install.

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