ADA Certified Wheelchair Ramps in Durham, NC

Today, most homes will feature stairs and/or raised areas somewhere in their design. Stairs, for example, might be found leading up to the front door of a home while some rooms in a home may require a step up or down for access.

These are the kinds of things that don’t pose a problem for most people and they don’t really give them a second thought to. For people who use wheelchairs or who have mobility impairments, however, these seemingly simple home features can prove to be a major obstacle—one that keeps them from fully enjoying or feeling comfortable in their homes.

Thankfully, though, there’s an easy solution, which is to install accessibility ramps in these areas. And, when it comes to ADA certified wheelchair ramps, Durham, NC residents can find exactly what they’re looking for through Orthopedic Service Company. Not only do we offer great ramps, but we’re also a wonderful source of support and advice for choosing, installing, and using these and other accessibility products.

A Choice That’s Beneficial for Everyone

In Durham, NC ADA certified wheelchair ramps are plentiful, especially when you shop with us. No matter which of the ramps you choose or where you use it, you’ll find that it can actually be beneficial for everyone, not just the person or people who truly need it.

Going up and down a ramp is easier than going up or down stairs when you’re tired or carrying something, heavy, for example. Plus, it feels good to know that you’re making sure everyone is comfortable in your home.

An Easy Way to Increase Independence

Not only can handicap ramps make a person feel more at-ease, but they can also greatly help with independence. 

Many wheelchair users are able to get up and down ramps on their own. The same is often true for the elderly or those who have disabilities. By gripping onto the handrails of a ramp or taking advantage of the non-slip surface, these individuals can do something completely on their own. And, for those with various mobility issues, that can feel like a major victory.

Something as simple as adding the right ramp to your home can give a loved one an increased sense of independence and a feeling of pride, and that alone makes these ramps worth purchasing.

The Answer to Increased Safety

Finally, consider what might happen in the event of an emergency. If you weren’t at home and there was a fire or other disaster, could your loved one get out of the house with ease?

Without disability ramps, the answer could be no, and the consequences could be disastrous. 

While that type of situation isn’t something anyone likes to think about, such dangers are often a reality for mobility-impaired individuals who don’t have fully accessible homes. Don’t put someone you care about in this type of danger. Provide them with an easy way into and out of all the areas in your home.

Reach Out to Us Today

As you can see, a ramp can be vitally important to your home. So, if you don’t have one already, there’s no better time to have one installed. To learn more about your options or to get personalized help from one of our mobility professionals, just reach out to us here at Orthopedic Service Company. We look forward to assisting you and to helping make your Durham, NC home more accessible for everyone!