ADA Certified Disability Stair Lifts in Durham, NC

ADA Certified Disability Stair Lifts in Durham NC

If you have stairs in your home and they’re causing a problem for you or a loved one, don’t worry! You don’t have to move to a one-story home or do anything drastic. Instead, you can and should consider installing a stair lift in the home.

These lifts are perfect for individuals with mobility impairments, who are wheelchair users, or who are elderly and have difficulty navigating the stairs. Whatever the reasons behind your issues, when it comes to ADA certified handicap stair lifts, Durham, NC residents can choose from many great options through Orthopedic Service Company.

Access All Areas of the Home

When stairs become difficult to use, people sometimes make some hard choices. Sometimes, for example, they might be forced to confine a loved one to one particular floor of the home for their own safety. This can often make the person feel left out or uninvolved in family life.

In other households, hard-to-access parts of a home may go uncared for and untended, which can lead to a whole host of problems.

Ultimately, every member of your household deserves to have access to all parts of the home. And, in Durham, NC, ADA certified disability stair lifts from Orthopedic Service Company can easily make that possible.

Enjoy Affordability

Often, customers are concerned that disability stair lifts will cost a fortune. However, stair lifts are often the most affordable option available for making your home more accessible.

Getting rid of stairs entirely is a major and expensive undertaking. In some cases, it’s not even possible. And, additions like an elevator are also out of reach for the average person.

A stair lift, though, can be very reasonably priced, especially when you shop with us! Not only do we pride ourselves on offering fair prices, but we also feature a wide selection of stair lift options, making these lifts more amenable to diverse financial situations.

Keep Your Loved Ones at Home

Finally, handicap stair lifts can allow you to keep your elderly or mobility-impaired loved one at home for much longer.

Often, when a home becomes less accessible, it’s not long before it’s truly unlivable. Then, the elderly or disabled person is often forced to move to a different home or into a care facility. Not only are these options less than desirable, but they can also be costly.

A simple stair lift, however, is an affordable investment that can result in the greatest return of all: getting to live with your loved one or to age in place for a whole lot longer!

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