ADA Certified Disability Stair Lifts in Raleigh, NC

Many people have stairs in their homes. And, for some, these stairs never pose any kind of problem. For others, though, stairs can sometimes become a major challenge or even an impossibility for them to navigate.

Often, this happens due to a person becoming elderly or facing mobility issues. It can also occur when someone in the home is a wheelchair user.

No matter what the reason, if stairs have become a challenge for you or someone in your household, you do have options. You can rely on specialized stair lifts in the home. And, when it comes to finding ADA certified disability stair lifts, Raleigh, NC residents can rely on the great selection available from Orthopedic Service Company.

Increased Safety

For those in Raleigh, NC, ADA certified handicap stair lifts can greatly increase the safety of a home.

When people have limited mobility, they may still try to get up and down the stairs on their own. Unfortunately, this poses a serious risk. Slips and falls can occur, which can be very dangerous, especially for those who are already elderly or mobility imipaired.

With a stair lift in place, however, there’s nothing to worry about. The user simply gets into the lift, gets up or down the stairs, and goes on about their life with no worry involved.

Increased Independence

Handicap stair lifts can also be a wonderful alternative to employing a full-time caregiver. Many users are able to use their stair lifts all on their own, which increases their freedom and independence.

Even for those who require some help using the stair lift, they typically just need help getting into and out of the lift. Once they’ve reached their destination, they are free to explore the area from their wheelchair.

Stair lift users never have to miss out on an activity because they can’t get upstairs or downstairs. They don’t have to be confined to any floor or level of the home either. Instead, they can go anywhere they want within the home with ease, which can lead to increased quality of life.

Increased Comfort

Some people worry that disability stair lifts will be uncomfortable, but that’s not the case at all. The great brands and models offered from Orthopedic Service Company are designed to be as comfortable and efficient as possible. Users won’t have to stay in the lift seat long, and, while they’re there, they’ll enjoy great comfort and ease, thanks to options like cushioned seats, back support, and more.

And, no matter which lift you choose, sitting in a chair and getting upstairs and downstairs is a lot better than struggling to make it up the steps! In fact, don’t be surprised if even the non-handicapped people in your home elect to use the lift from time to time!

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