ADA Certified Disability Accessible Toilets Chapel Hill, NC

      ADA Certified Disability Accessible Toilets Chapel Hill, NC

      An ADA certified wheelchair toilet can make any home more accessible. If your goal is to make your wheelchair-using loved ones more comfortable, to afford them more privacy and independence, and/or to allow them to live in your home longer, it’s the perfect option.

      However, as you choose the right toilet for your bathroom, we hope you’ll let us help! Here at Orthopedic Service Company, we’re proud to offer free in-home assessments, various bathroom modifications, and plenty of helpful advice.

      Consider Toilet Depth

      When choosing a handicap toilet, a wall-hung toilet is a great option, especially if you’re short on space and want to ensure easy maneuverability around the toilet.

      If this is a particular goal of yours, be sure to choose a toilet with a not-too-deep bowl. The deeper the toilet, the less space you’ll have for footrests and for moving room.

      We’re happy to talk with you about different depth options and how they will affect the space within your bathroom. 

      Consider Toilet Shape

      Did you know that an ADA certified disability toilet can come in many shapes and styles?

      One option you have, for example, is to go with an elongated toilet bowl. While this option does take up more space, many users find it to be more comfortable.

      Of course, if space is a major concern, you may need to go with a more traditionally shaped bowl. 

      Not sure whether to choose comfort or space, or hoping for a happy medium? Let us assess your current bathroom setup and provide our professional insight!

      Consider Weight Capacity

      When choosing an ADA toilet Chapel Hill NC buyers must consider the weight of the user. The weight of any assistive devices that will rest on the toilet, even in part, must also be considered.

      Remember, toilets cannot be returned due to health and safety guidelines, so you’ll want to be very sure about this information and possibly add in a little “wiggle room” before you buy.

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      In Chapel Hill, NC, ADA certified toilet options are plentiful.

      And, in truth, these things are just a small portion of everything that you need to think about when choosing one.

      Don’t feel overwhelmed though. With us by your side, you’re never alone as you make important purchasing decisions! All you have to do is reach out to us, and we’ll be there to help.