Bathroom Modification in Chapel Hill, NC

For people facing mobility issues bathroom modifications are a necessary measure to a more comfortable life. At Orthopedic Service Company we offer our customers some of the best brands in the market, with a full line of bathroom aides aimed at improving movability and independence while maximizing bathroom privacy.

When looking to make bathroom modifications in your Chapel Hill, NC home our company handles everything from in-home assessment and evaluation to expert installation and user instruction.

Grab Bars

In allegiance with AccessNSM, we offer customers a full line of heavy-duty grab bars in several different colors, styles and lengths as one of our bathroom modification products and systems.

As part of the service, our team of professionals handles the installation service, using strong and reliable fasteners designed for almost any material.

Roll-in Showers 

The Roll-inBuddy acts as a shower wheelchair that can be easily rolled into showers for bathing or toileting, offering a light-weight, safe and easy-to-use design.

As a rolling shower chair, the Roll-inBuddy supports one of the largest weight capacities in the market of standard rolling shower chairs, while also offering a tilt option to release pressure on the user and improve bathing.


Contact Orthopedic Service Company today to find out more about our services regarding bathroom modification in Chapel Hill, North Carolina.