Bruno Products In Chapel Hill, NC

For over 30 years, Orthopedic Service Company has proudly worked alongside the best brands and manufacturers in the field of mobility in order to bring customers all throughout North Carolina the top mobility solutions to fit their needs. One of these brands is Bruno Independent Living Aids. 

OSC is proud to bring a full line of products by Bruno to Chapel Hill, NC residents, providing them with the opportunity to enjoy a greater independence and freedom of mobility with the many solutions offered by the manufacturer.

Engineered and made in the USA, Bruno products come in a wide range of mobility solutions, including indoor and outdoor stair lifts and vertical platform lifts, helping users move through their environments easily and safely. 

Your Trusted Source For Bruno In Chapel Hill, NC

With an emphasis on quality, safety and great service, Bruno products are USA-made and distributed globally, making the company one of the leading providers of mobility solutions. At Orthopedic Service Company we bring Bruno to Chapel Hill, NC in the form of stairlifts and vertical platform lifts that are easy to install and use. 

Bruno Vertical Wheelchair Lifts

Bruno’s vertical wheelchair lifts provide a rugged, reliable, and affordable solution for individuals and caregivers who need extra help when accessing a porch or deck. Both suited for indoor and outdoor applications, Bruno’s vertical lifts are developed under the highest quality standards, providing a great set of features meant to facilitate access to every level of commercial and residential buildings while saving space and money. 

Bruno Stairlifts

Bruno’s indoor and outdoor stairlifts are reliable, comfortable, and easy to use and install. Meant to fit both curved and straight staircases, each model provides a smooth and quiet ride along with worry-free access and different design options that adjust perfectly to your home’s current style. 

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As official distributors of Bruno in Chapel Hill, NC, we feel proud to provide our customers in the area with one of the best brands of mobility solutions out there, enhancing their quality of life and providing greater safety and comfort to enjoy every part of their home. 

Contact OSC today and ask to speak with one of our mobility specialists who will be glad to hear about your different needs and requirements in order to find a solution that adjusts to you.