Handicare Ceiling Lifts Distributors

At Orthopedic Service Company, we proudly bring our clients the best of the best. That is why use a selected list of brands whose products and quality we trust like Handicare who provide our line of ceiling lifts.

For both home use and healthcare settings, ceiling lifts can handle the toughest of transfers. Handicare ceiling lifts can be portable or fixed, permanent or temporal, and come with free standing options as well as fixed ceiling tracks that adjust to your specific needs.

We provide different systems for both the bathroom and bedroom along with proper carry bars that maximize the effectiveness of your sling selection.

Choose Your Type Of Ceiling Lifts

Our wide selection of ceiling lift options allow you to choose something that adjusts precisely to what both the patient and caregiver need, adjusting to their lifestyle and making sure their everyday routine is easier and safer:

Fixed motor ceiling lift:

Offered in five different weight capacities, a fixed motor ceiling lift comes as a permanent solution.

Portable motor ceiling lift:

Made for those in need of flexibility when going from room to room or traveling long distance.

Free standing ceiling lifts:

A three or four post system or free standing track, free standing ceiling lifts have both bathroom and bedroom settings that adjust to the space and patient’s specific needs.

Fixed ceiling tracks:

A pressure fit option that provides stability and when paired with the appropriate carry bar reaches maximum effectiveness.


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Need to install a ceiling lift? Orthopedic Service Company works hard to bring client the liberty of mobility, helping individuals maintain their independence and allowing them to stay at home longer by providing a safe and comfortable space.

Contact our mobility experts today and have us answer all of your questions regarding ceiling lifts and their installation.