Ceiling Lift in Raleigh, NC

Safe care environments, for both patients and caregivers, are made possible thanks to the installment of ceiling lifts offered by us at Orthopedic Service Company.

Working hand in hand with Handicare (formerly Prism Medical), one of the top brands in the market, we sell and install ceiling lifts in Raleigh, North Carolina,  guiding hundreds of care facilities and home caregivers through the process of implementing safe handling techniques.


Why Choose A Ceiling Lift?

Orthopedic Service Company works along with Handicare (formerly Prism Medical) to offer their clients in Raleigh, North Carolina ceiling lifts of the highest of qualities, giving access to a complete line of portable, fixed, free standing and bariatric ceiling lifts.

Through Handicare (formerly Prism Medical), you can rely that each lift has been built with the caregiver in mind, meaning our ceiling lift systems require only the minimal effort to be operated.

As part of our services, we will answer all of your doubts regarding the equipment, handle its installation and take the time to ensure caregivers completely understand how to use it in a comfortable and safe manner, both for them and the patients at their charge.



Contact us today to find out more about the purchase and installment of ceiling lifts in Raleigh, NC.