Door Threshold Home Ramps in Cary, NC

Owning a door threshold ramp is incredibly beneficial for your Cary, NC home. Not only does owning one make it easier for you to move in, out, and around your home – it also makes it safer.

At Orthopedic Service Company (OSC), we specialize in custom door threshold ramps for your Cary, NC home. Choose from select styles; we guarantee to have what you’re looking for.

3 Reasons to Own a Door Threshold Ramp

Below are three simple reasons why it pays to own a door threshold ramp.

#1 – Door threshold ramps give you freedom of mobility.

Move around your home a lot easier and with more freedom of mobility when you use a door threshold ramp. From the elderly to recovering surgery patients – having a ramp makes it easier to move around without restriction or fear of falling.

#2 – Door threshold ramps make things safer.

Perhaps the most obvious benefit of door threshold ramps is that they keep wheelchair/scooter users and the elderly (among others) safe. Roll easier and walk easier over thresholds.

#3 – You have options in which ramp to choose.

When it comes to door threshold ramps, we offer consumers several different styles to choose from. For example, some ramps are adjustable, available in aluminum versus rubber and more.

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