Door Threshold Ramps in Chapel Hill, NC

Because of the need to keep weather and other elements out of your home, exterior door thresholds are typically designed to be wide and tall, which can present a problem for those who have mobility issues.

At Orthopedic Service Company (OSC), our door threshold ramps are custom designed to fit over any door threshold in your Chapel Hill home. We are extremely aware of the difficulties that physically challenged individuals face when trying to move through a doorway and over a doorway threshold with a variety of mobility devices.

From canes and wheelchairs to scooters, walkers, and more – OSC is a leader in the industry when it comes to custom designing and building you a door threshold ramp to go into your Chapel Hill, NC home.

Benefits of Door Threshold Ramps

There are numerous benefits to be had as to why people choose to use door threshold ramps. A few of these include:

#1 – Door threshold ramps make it safer.

From the elderly to people with physical and/or mobility issues – door threshold ramps make things both safer as well as easier. Avoid tripping over high thresholds or falling down.

#2 – Door threshold ramps are easy to set up and use.

Depending on the type of door threshold ramp you select, you may not even need a drill as they are easily installed in most cases.

#3 – Door threshold ramps are available in different materials.

Some door threshold ramps are available in rubber while others are available in aluminum. Both have their own set of unique advantages.

#4 – Door threshold ramps are adjustable.

At OSC, our door threshold ramps are adjustable – allowing you to auto-adjust the ramp height and making it easier to conform to uneven doorways as well as other surface.

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