Golden Products At Orthopedic Service Company

For over 35 years, Golden Technologies has been developing different kinds of mobility equipment, amongst which their seat lift chairs stand out due to their innovative technology, premium materials and ultimate design to create the most premium seating experience in the market today.

At Orthopedic Service Company we proudly work alongside the best brands in the market, serving as an authorized dealer to North Carolina state area, providing our customers with some of the most groundbreaking mobility equipment out there.

As part of our commitment to help our customers live a more independent and comfortable life, we offer them a curated selection of Golden products that ensure relaxation and comfort like they’ve never felt before.

Golden Mobility Seat Lift Chairs

Design and technology go hand in hand in creating any of the seat lift chairs that take part in Golden’s product catalogue. Created in order to offer the ultimate seating experience, each and everyone of them comes with a wide set of highly customizable features in order to adjust to each specific user, cradling their body and providing relaxation like no other chair in the market can.

Standing at the top of the line, there’s the seat lift chair Golden Power Cloud, built with NASA developed technology, specifically the Zero Gravity positioning, meant to raise the upper and lower half of the body at the same time in order to eliminate pressure during repositioning. This, amongst many other positions, allows the Power Cloud to provide different reclinings capable of offering a therapeutic effect on the body as you rest comfortably on it.

The Golden Relaxer, on the other hand, comes with a technologically advanced system that includes a set of pre-programmed positions made to provide an incredibly comfortable and adjustable experience, letting you choose between different positions until you find the right one for your needs, and offering perfect spinal alignment along with back pressure relief and circulation improvement.

The Golden Imperial seat lift chair, on the other hand, comes with a unique articulating headrest and power lumbar system that lets the user recline and adjust to the best positioning possible for the head, neck and shoulders along with a powered, adjustable headrest.

Your Trusted Dealer Of Golden Mobility Products

As you can see, there’s plenty to choose from when it comes to our catalogue of Golden products seat lift chairs. At Orthopedic Service Company we proudly bring customers such a technology focused and high quality brand, capable of providing a seating experience like no other.

Visit our showroom or give us a call today to talk to one of our mobility specialists about which of these products would be the best for your specific requirements and needs.