Harmar Products At Orthopedic Service Company

For more than thirty years now, Orthopedic Service Company has been proudly providing customers in the North Carolina area with the best mobility solutions in the market, manufactured by top brands in the field, such as Harmar Mobility.

With continuous product innovation, Harmar products have gone up to the top of the mobility market for a reason. Its commitment to quality and customer service provide mobility and accessibility solutions meant to help individuals enjoy an active and fulfilling lifestyle.

At OSC we proudly carry some of the best Harmar products, such as their vertical wheelchair lifts and innovative stair lifts, made in the USA under the highest quality of standards and each with a groundbreaking set of features that put them as some of the best mobility solutions you can find.

Harmar Vertical Wheelchair Lifts

Harmar products’ residential and commercial use vertical wheelchair lifts are ideal, versatile and affordable solutions to the barriers that porches, staircases, decks and other elevation changes can create in different environments.

With capacities that go up to 750lbs and different configurations, there’s a Harmar vertical wheelchair lift especially designed to fit your needs.

The CPL series for example is a portable package that can be used in both residential and commercial settings, lifting up to 750lbs and providing the versatility and convenience to use the lift where and when is needed, while the innovative Sierra IL500 model is ideal for transporting a user and their manual wheelchair up and down a straight stairway.

Harmar Stair Lifts

Designed to fit both curved and straight stairs, Harmar products’ stair lifts offer extra smooth rides and custom design to adjust to your specific requirements, along with build and delivery methods that allow installers to work quickly and efficiently, installing any model you choose with minimal disruption to your daily routine.

At OSC you are able to choose amongst the Pinnacle and Helix models one that fits you. Coming with different weight capacities and features, they all offer comfortable seating, safety and little to no maintenance.

Your Trusted Provider Of Harmar Products

As your trusted distributor of Harmar products, our staff at Orthopedic Service Company will happily guide you through our myriad of selected solutions in order to find the right one that adjusts to you.

By choosing us as your provider, you can forget about any worries regarding installment and customer service since we handle it all in order to make sure that you are left fully satisfied with your purchase.

Contact us today or visit our showroom and let us guide you through the path towards more independent living.